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Nahda Office family business was founded in 1945 by the late Kamal Saman Odeh. The office was originally known as Nahda Center for teaching foreign languages, typing, vocational and computer courses. In addition, the center offered translation services and was one of the first centers in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan to provide sworn translations.As a result of the great quality of services that were offered to thousands of students and immigrants, Mr. Kamal Odeh was granted the teachers award by the late King Hussein Ben Talal in the year 1977.

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Nowadays, Nahda Office continues to grow and serve people from all over the Kingdom by offering them the finest translation and immigration services in addition to consultancy which is now provided by the new generation of his family who strive to maintain the high reputation of the business. In the year 1990, Nahda Office moved further ahead and joined the ATA American Translation Association.

The family members who currently operate Nahda are all graduates of Universities in the U.S.A. who have continuously attended the Aila conference (American Immigration Lawyers Association) for the past nine years and successfully boosted their immigration services with accumulated knowledge from this valuable conference.

Last but not least, the previous logo of Nahda, a lit torch held by a hand mounted on a book, was originally founded by the Late Kamal S. Odeh in the year 1945, signifying “equal knowledge for all”.

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